ISS Technical Services

Integrated Support Systems, Inc., has assembled a dedicated and talented team of experts to assist you in making the most of your ISS software investment. Our services experts can work with you to define, scope, plan, implement, and support your mission critical requirements using the best tools available. At ISS, we have been delivering world-class off-the-shelf and customized solutions and services to SLICwave and InSync users for decades.

Some examples of Services that ISS has provided are available here.

We can:

If you would like to learn more about how ISS can help you, go to Request Info. Once your request is received, an ISS representative will contact you. If you would like to contact us directly, please call 1-800-528-9185 (U.S. and Canada), or +1 (864) 654-1284. If you are located in Australia or New Zealand, please contact our representative for your area – Scientific Management Associates (SMA).

Help You Determine Requirements

ISS will work with you to ensure your objectives are clearly defined and undertook. Based on this comprehensive analysis of your challenges, we can identify the requirements and create a cost effective solution.

Customize Training for Your Specific Needs

In addition to the standard educational services ISS provides, ISS can customize courses to meet your specific requirements. The courses will be developed in conjunction with your needs to provide key personnel with the skills they must have to be effective at their jobs. Training can be delivered at your site if desired.

Provide On-Target Consulting

Understanding your issues is crucial to solving problems. ISS representatives will sit down with you and work with you to appreciate your issues before ever recommending a solution.

We will also offer alternative frameworks, as appropriate, enabling you to seek out the most cost-effective solutions for your organization.

Customize Software to Match Your Specific Processes

We can customize our software to satisfy your specific needs, from adding a few new tables and reports/calculations to creating completely new systems and interfaces for your program or enterprise requirements. While ISS delivered software is designed to provide maximum functionality and flexibility, the most cost-effective solutions may require tailoring that software to accommodate your existing or evolving processes. ISS has decades of experience creating customized solutions for our large customer base.

Integrate ISS Software with Other Critical Business Systems

ISS has designed its software to provide you with other tools. However, we can also build seamless and automatic interfaces between your ISS-based products and other applications, reducing cost and improving quality through reduced redundancy and data sharing.

Define Project Plans to Meet Your Needs

ISS retains experts who have successfully guided extensive projects to successful deployments. These same experts can offer you the same insight and experience for your project. We will work with you to establish a realistic and obtainable plan for achieving your objectives.

Automate Your Business Processes

Automation of your existing processes results in improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness. ISS can:

  • Automate data transfers
  • Provide facilitating information
  • Help streamline your current process
  • Dovetail ISS Products into your processes
  • Confirm or coordinate communication

Provide On-Site Assistance

Often challenges arise with the immediate need for a solution. While ISS's standard robust support is just a phone call away, it may be that we can offer a customized solution faster and more efficiently at your site than in-house resources. We have experience with your types of challenges and understand the contexts in which they exist.