Powering Supportability

SLICwave® is the leading Supportability Analysis software system in the world. Providing logistics solutions since 1984, SLIC (Systems and Logistics Integration Capability) software continues to dominate the market in its ability to offer maximum utility, efficiency, and effectiveness for satisfying commercial and government requirements.

Offering you full compliance with current world standards, SLICwave helps you accomplish your goals and make your deliverables cost-effective and efficient. Additionally, SLICwave offers unparalleled ability to customize the software to meet your program or company specific requirements, and to integrate the SLICwave Supportability Analysis data with your other enterprise data management software. Simply put, SLICwave is the most advanced and usable solution available for through-life product support data management.

Defined by over 35 years of software innovation and unwavering commitment to customer service, SLICwave delivers the capability you need not only to save significantly in your program development and support costs, but to improve your product and process quality through life cycle. Simply put, SLICwave is the most advanced software solution available for through-life product support data management.

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How SLICwave Helps You

Whether you are an OEM with supportability analysis requirements for a new program contract, a government customer working to ensure that the equipment you have contracted for meets your needs, or part of an Integrated Program Team (IPT) looking to improve availability/reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), SLICwave offers you the tools you need.

Check out a few business scenarios that illustrate the benefits of SLICwave.

military men working on a piece of equipment

SLICwave Modules

  • 0007: Satisfying both GEIA-STD-0007 and MIL-STD-1388-2B/LMI Requirements with One Integrated System
  • S1000D: Generating and Maintaining S1000D Data Modules from SLICwave
  • S2000M: Satisfying ASD S2000M Provisioning Requirements
  • CM-L: Providing Configuration Data Management through your Product Life Cycle
  • Engineering Support Global Functions: Assisting You in On-Going Engineering Changes to your Product Support Data
  • FMECA: Delivering Integrated Management of FMECA Tasks and Processes
  • Integration Toolkit (ITK): Providing Software and Process Integration using SLICwave's Application Programming Interface (API)
  • PUB LOG: Automating the Review and Update of your Provisioning data from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
  • Single SignOn: Integrating SLICwave SIGNON/Authentication with your Enterprise Security Requirements
  • Tailoring Kit: Helping You to Extend the LSA/PSA Schema to Meet Your Specific Business Requirements and Processes

Looking to the Future

Product Supportability processes and corresponding analysis activities have evolved over past decades to match growing government and industry need and capability. Towards satisfying that need, SLICwave is now offering a new product , SLICwave® Life Cycle, which provides a significant advancement in scope and capability of life cycle supportability analysis.

If you have a need to increase your ability to manage your program's supportability data through life cycle revisions, and to improve the connection to your other revision-controlled systems, or if you have new ASD S3000L Specification deliverable requirements, then take a look at SLICwave Life Cycle.